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Chianti - 2270 SF
Copper Ridge - 2700 SF
Laurel Glen - 1755 SF
Mascato - 1755 SF
Napa - 3130 SF
Sonoma - 2827 SF
Calistoga - 2000 SF
Standard Features
Our standard feature set is simply a starting point.  Every home we build is custom-tailored to the owner's tastes and requirements.  We strive to provide products and features that will insure years of reliability and comfort.  Many personal choice items go into a new home and we welcome our customers' ideas to make their home unique.  Click here to see our standard features.
Ranch - 1630 SF
Ranch - 1715 SF
Laurel Glen - 1815 SF
Ranch - 1800 SF
Calistoga - 2060 SF
Ranch - 2654 SF
Sonoma - 2972 SF
Santa Rosa - 2172 SF
Zinfandel - 1934 SF
Sample Floor Plans
Sonoma - 2752 SF
2 Story - 2375 SF
2 Story - 2624 SF
2 Story - 2820 SF
Santa Rosa - 2200 SF
This is a sample of the homes we've built.  The sky is the limit with design and features.  This collection of floor plans can be used for ideas to create your own personal design or you can choose to duplicate one if you wish.  Click on any photo to see its floor plan.
Single Floor
First Floor Master
Two Story
Calistoga - 2106 SF
Sonoma - 2859 SF
FF Mast - 2260 SF
"What's your 'per-square-foot' cost?"
Every new home builder offers a set of standard features and products.  Instead of asking your builder what their 'per-square-foot' cost is, you should be asking "What is included in your 'per-square-foot' pricing?"  Each home is different and cannot be compared to another home.  Click here to see why.